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Two weeks after surgery (Limp – 3)

Two weeks after surgery (March 17, 2014) Why does it hurt so far from the incision? My muscles are a straitjacket of pain to natural walking unseen, inner prison. Will I ever walk easily again? Deep in my hip a tremolo of weakness that frightens me when stepping with a cane. At physio a modicum… Continue reading Two weeks after surgery (Limp – 3)

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Poem sequences (introducing LIMP)

In Diane Lockward's June newsletter,* the Craft Tip article "Poetic Sequences: Practice Makes Potential"  by Oliver de la Paz tells of his visit to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain. On that visit he came across one room where the paintings, drawings, and studies  on the walls, as well as the  sketchbooks filling a table… Continue reading Poem sequences (introducing LIMP)