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Domino train (Limp – 4)

Posting my Limp sequence has been interrupted by a project that is now all but done. So it’s back to these poems about the mishap I had this spring.

If you’ve ever experienced one event, followed by another, and another, you’ll recognize the feeling of a domino train. This was my experience way back in early April this year. The episode below turned out to be nothing serious, but we do imagine the worst, don’t we!

row of fallen dominos
Photo from Microsoft Clipart.

Domino train

It was minus 15 with a windchill
I was planning another session
on the treadmill

the day I hurtled down
some stairs, broke something
and thought

What will happen next?
Hope this isn’t
only the first domino.

Surgery left me
with one leg shorter
than the other

Now doomed
to orthotics, a fat-soled shoe
or a forever limp

today I felt a bruise-like
pain, deep
in my calf.

Could it be DVT?
Will this be
the death of me?

© 2014 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

6 thoughts on “Domino train (Limp – 4)”

  1. I do understand the worry, Violet, and hope you are okay. Perhaps it was one of those odd twinges that seems to appear without being sought. I like the tone that you’ve found in your poem, a plaintive plea. Best wishes!


  2. Violet, I hope it turns out to be just a random pain in your calf. I can relate to wearing flat shoes since I need to use supports for my arches; but I’m glad it allows me to continue hiking.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    1. Thanks Wendy! These writings are a collection I wrote this spring shortly after I broke my hip. And things did turn out okay. The pain was nothing but a bruise I guess. It went away and I’m alive to tell the tale 😉

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