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Catching up to June

It’s been a little quiet here, hasn’t it—the fallout of commitments and the unexpected. Besides doing art during March and April, I prepared for a writing conference that our writing group sponsored. It included an art exhibition for which I had the responsibility. A little networking and word of mouth resulted in lining up a… Continue reading Catching up to June

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Aviation Mystery

Aviation Mystery This is a poem of everyday freight of Flight 66 that was bound for Prince George a steep wooded hillside, a wreck found by night. Southeast of Crown Mountain strewn over a gorge the cockpit and crew were found the next day of Flight 66 that was bound for Prince George. Plane dropped… Continue reading Aviation Mystery

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Domino train (Limp – 4)

Posting my Limp sequence has been interrupted by a project that is now all but done. So it's back to these poems about the mishap I had this spring. If you've ever experienced one event, followed by another, and another, you'll recognize the feeling of a domino train. This was my experience way back in… Continue reading Domino train (Limp – 4)