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A Chistmas Prayer


Christmas angel ornaments
“Bring the Christmas life into our lives…” (Photo © 2015 by V. Nesdoly)

A Christmas Prayer

Bring the Christmas life into our lives.
Don’t let the hustle-hurry steal our joy
the cashier lineups, traffic jams annoy.
Flood us with peace till Christmas day arrives.

Help us to hear the words of Christmas songs
and let them calm us in the busy throngs.
When beggars hold out hands, help us be wise
to see the poor as Jesus in disguise.

At Christmas feast when some dear ones are missed
help us remember, realize through tears
the treasure they have been to us for years
and through them we continue to be blessed.

Welcome, stunned shepherd and wise man who gives.
Welcome the wonder of a silent night.
Christ child who comes with hope and love and light
please bring Your Christmas life into our lives.

© 2015 by Violet Nesdoly

I wrote this poem two years ago, as the grace prayer for our poetry society’s Christmas potluck. It has a mentor poem—Wendy Cope’s “The Christmas Life” which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is stunning in its beauty and simplicity.

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12 thoughts on “A Chistmas Prayer”

  1. Violet, “Bring the Christmas life into our lives.”-beautiful opening that I shall keep in my heart. Thank you for the spirit of Christmas to fill my soul today. (now I better start decorating…)


  2. I always find something to admire when I read your poems, Violet. After a long day this is a good thought to keep for the weekend, keeping the Christmas life as I’d like to have it. Thank you.


  3. Thank you for sharing the idea of a Christmas life, extending and expanding Christmas Day from a one (or twelve) day “event” into a lifestyle. You live this prayer. I greatly admire that! Thank you. God bless!

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