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A Chistmas Prayer

  A Christmas Prayer Bring the Christmas life into our lives. Don’t let the hustle-hurry steal our joy the cashier lineups, traffic jams annoy. Flood us with peace till Christmas day arrives. Help us to hear the words of Christmas songs and let them calm us in the busy throngs. When beggars hold out hands,… Continue reading A Chistmas Prayer

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Homophoems (oh groan!)

On Monday Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect posted the Homophoem Poetry Stretch challenge (via J. Patrick Lewis). The task: write a two- to ten-line poem using at least one homophone. (Homophones, in case you've forgotten, are words that share the same pronunciation but differ in meaning.) I've been writing them all week! What fun… Continue reading Homophoems (oh groan!)

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Dishes She stands at the enamel dishpan prune hands in warm water little robot of wash   rinse   stack looks out the window as clouds scud from the west thinks, I hope it doesn’t rain. Dad’s uptight enough, smells this morning’s cookies fresh from the oven thinks about mixing them and what's in the… Continue reading Dishes

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this is a poem 2

this is a poem about the last page a poem about feeling panicked a poem about lists this is a poem about shopping and tired feet about choosing the right card then signing your name 47 times a poem about wrapping paper, tape and ribbon this is a poem about putting up lights and garland… Continue reading this is a poem 2