Religious, Spiritual Journey Thursday


Many of us have chosen one-word themes for the year.

Holly Mueller our Spiritual Journey Thursday hostess has invited us Thursday pilgrims to share the thoughts and spiritual  aspects of each others 2016 one-word choices each week until we’ve covered them all—a process that will take us into mid-February.

Our word this week is BELIEVE, the word chosen by Carol.

I’ve decided to put my thoughts into poetry. I was surprised at how the word BELIEVE had me digging deep and asking myself, what things do I believe in, and why?

Image by skeeze /
Image by skeeze /


Belief is the string between hand and balloon,
rush of wind between platform and diver,
arc of fork from plate to mouth,
that extra effort because you know you can,
ordering your life by the words of a Man.

To believe is to have confidence in
consider honest, regard as true
trustworthy and acceptable.
When you believe you suppose and assume
surmise and conclude
set store by, reckon
deduce, approve of, cling to.

Whether you are a wise or foolish believer
depends on your belief’s object…
the buoyancy of helium and the strength of the string.
the law-pull of gravity, the water’s depth
and its way of cork-popping you to the surface.
the accuracy of your aim and absence of arsenic in your food.
confidence in yourself because you know you have more in you.
faith in a Creator, a promise, a Son
a broken relationship and a buy-back plan.

© 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)



Join us each week at Spiritual Journey Thursday
Join us each week at Spiritual Journey Thursday

This post is linked to Spiritual Journey Thursday, hosted each week by Holly Mueller at Reading, Teaching, Learning.

15 thoughts on “Believe”

  1. Violet, the transition from beginning thoughts in your poem to the ending one is smooth and allows me to ponder on the strength of your words. I must admit that I was surprised by the photo when I first opened your piece. My children were on the swim team throughout their youth and I never thought of the word believe as they dove off the platform. Your poem makes me want to reaffirm my belief in so many things I may have passed by in my life. Today will be the day to observe each action and realize that it is a commitment to life. Thank you, Violet, for your poem.

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    1. Thanks, Carol! I read the “Believe” poem you wrote a few days ago (not the one on your blog today) and it helped me understand what this word means to you and why you chose it. However, I couldn’t get away from the big ideas of what it means to believe in the first place, how belief touches every area of life, and how belief can be good but also bad, depending on the object of belief. Hope I didn’t destroy the word’s cachet for you!


  2. Gosh, every time I read one of your poems, I get chills. Your had me at your first line: “Belief is the string between hand and balloon..” I love that image and that idea. Your last lines,”faith in a Creator, a promise, a Son
    a broken relationship and a buy-back plan” brought it all home. Perfect.

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    1. Why, thank you so much, Holly! I love having the week’s subject in advance like we have it for this “one little word” theme. It makes for lots of time to think things through–and the concept of ‘believe’ needed time, at least it did for me!


  3. Thank you, as always, for gracing us with your deeply reflective poems. I could have stopped at the first line and been fed for the rest of the day, appreciating that metaphor.”Belief is the string between hand and balloon,” For a while in my life, I hoped to apply for a heavenly job of party planner; maybe that’s why that line struck me so much. Belief is joyful, it buoys, and reaches higher than itself. Thank you, again, for today’s SJT smile. God bless you!

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  4. Absolutely, a broken relationship with a buy back plan. Always. God does not leave us on the string floating away. He holds on. We hold on. Thanks!

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  5. Violet, I’m with everyone else. I really enjoyed your poem. “Belief is the string between hand and balloon” You really nailed it with that image. Perfection! It’s been so much fun reading everyone’s post for Believe, and I’m really loving the poems! : )


  6. Thank you, ldk! I agree – it’s been interesting to see how different people tackle different aspects of the same word. I really appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment. 😉


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