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Free to fly (#BibleJournaling)

Romans 8—what a great chapter about freedom in Christ! It starts out: “So now there is no condemnation to those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death” - Romans 8:1,2 NLT. “Condemnation” is… Continue reading Free to fly (#BibleJournaling)

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Receptive Soil #BibleJournaling

Jesus’ parables are full of artsy drawables. Yet, when I contemplated journaling the Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:11-15), illustrations of the old fashioned process of sowing grain and it falling into the literal destinations named in the parable seemed like avoiding the issue somehow. And so I asked myself, what would examples of unfruitful… Continue reading Receptive Soil #BibleJournaling


My Master Is My Mentor

My Master Is My Mentor My Master is my mentor. I have more than I need. Master lets me lie motionless in a meadow. He maneuvers me beside melodious streams. He manifests new might in me. He motivates me to do what gives Him the most esteem. I may roam through the midnight valley of… Continue reading My Master Is My Mentor

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Cup I am thinking today of a cup mug, glass, tumbler goblet, teacup, sippy cup tulip or barrel-shaped angled or rounded plastic, glass, china silver or stainless steel. I am thinking today of a cup of water, milk or juice drunk to slake thirst, add nourishment coffee or tea to add a burst of energy… Continue reading Cup

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Tomorrow is April 1st. As I write that I feel a frisson of excitement. April is National Poetry Month (in Canada, the U.S. and perhaps other places too). This April, as I’ve done during the last several Aprils, I’m planning to drop other projects and works-in-progress and concentrate on poetry. Yes!! Last year I wrote… Continue reading Preserving

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Vena Cava

Through Poetry Friday friend Ruth, I discovered the writings of Jan Richardson and her Women’s Christmas Retreat booklets. Last year I downloaded the one for 2015 (Illuminating the Threshold) and worked my way through part of it using its questions as writing prompts. She ended the third chapter “The Cave of the Heart” with these… Continue reading Vena Cava


No! (NPM ’16-Day 27)

No! lower the ceiling stop dreaming and get real distract the appetite .    with cold water and celery wipe that smile off your face snuff out the candle of “what if…?” turn off the music leave the room .   and don’t forget to close the door © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)… Continue reading No! (NPM ’16-Day 27)

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Highrise-welcomer (NPM ’16-Day 21)

Highrise-welcomer I’m an airplane-envelope rainbow-holder, bird-chamber wind-route, cloud-churn lightning-conductor. Show off turbine’s locus and weather vane’s point, I’m a bee-bowl, rain-route pollen-suspender. Full of atmospheric dregs hold your breathable brew, I rhyme with “my” on a sunny day I’m blue… What am I? © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************* This poem came… Continue reading Highrise-welcomer (NPM ’16-Day 21)

Religious, Spiritual Journey Thursday


Many of us have chosen one-word themes for the year. Holly Mueller our Spiritual Journey Thursday hostess has invited us Thursday pilgrims to share the thoughts and spiritual  aspects of each others 2016 one-word choices each week until we’ve covered them all—a process that will take us into mid-February. Our word this week is BELIEVE,… Continue reading Believe