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Reading the prints

A bit of miscellany today and a poem…

Poetry Coloring Pages

The adult colouring craze has come to poetry via Tweetspeak Poetry. I love coloring so  it was a natural for me to follow the links on their weekly newsletter, download the pages and have some fun.

Coloring Page - "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe
Coloring Page – “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe
Coloring Pages - "Birches" by Robert Frost
Coloring Pages – “Birches” by Robert Frost

Find the collection of poetry coloring page links HERE.

Found Object Photo/Poem challenge

I’ve enjoyed writing with other Poetry Friday poets this week. Using prompts from found-object photos collected by Laura Shovan, each day brings a new photo. It is fascinating to see how these photos take the writers in different directions.

On day 9 (Tuesday) the photo was sent in by Mary Lee Hahn. And the poem that photo inspired in me is below the photo.

#9 hahn
Found Object for Day 9 – Photo by Mary Lee Hahn

Reading the Prints

The animals that passed by here
were very focused and in gear
their noses sharp, following prey
perhaps a mate, or the day’s pay.
And the exhaust-filled oily scent
suggests excessive speed their bent.

The younger of this species, though
lie lazy angels in the snow
their tracks often defined by curve
of laughing play and show-off verve.

© 2016 By V. Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


Go HERE to read all the Tuesday poems. Laura’s doing this challenge to help celebrate her birthday month. I believe this is the third year she’s writing a poem-a-day in February and inviting others to join her.  What a great tradition!

Poetry Friday LogoThis post is linked to Poetry Friday hosted today by Kimberley Moran at Written Reflections.

14 thoughts on “Reading the prints”

  1. I was in a bookstore recently, and I believe they have even more coloring books for adults available. amazing! I love your poetry pages. Thanks for the link, Violet. And I love that you’ve joined Laura’s challenge. Your response to this picture is so clever, those sneaky “lazy angels”.


    1. Aw, thanks, Linda! It’s always fun to be writing with others, isn’t it? I spent a lot of time in the coloring book aisle at Michael’s before Christmas shopping for gifts. You could spend a lot of time (and money) on coloring. Who knew?!


  2. I just gave a friend a coloring book and colored pencils this week…it seems like a very healthy trend, so I hope it lingers!
    Your poem is fun and clever — “And the exhaust-filled oily scent/
    suggests excessive speed their bent.” 🙂


    1. Guess what, Tabatha… when I shopped for those coloring books at Christmas, I bought liberally and have one left over. I found it yesterday and tucked it into my own drawer, with the crayons. Also, I bought a coloring app for my iPad–coloring in a whole new way 🙂


    1. Thanks, Mary Lee. I love that photo! One of the first thoughts that came to me when I saw it was, what if a naturalist came by. What would he/she read in these tracks/prints? Poem developed out of that.


  3. Mea culpa! Got lost in the link to the coloring pages last night, and neglected to come back to thank you! …From your found-object poem, I love the words “show off verve,” mostly because “verve” is so lively and yet somehow forgotten from my vocabulary. Thanks for the reminder. Verve (and plenty of it) is what you’ve got! God bless you!


  4. I have been reading the FOUND POEMS with great interest. Every day I open up the photograph and think that maybe this will be the day. I’m fascinated by your take on this photograph- and I love reading the backstory to the comments. I’m not a colorer, but these pages are fun!


  5. Like those coloring pages — such fun. It *is* weirdly wonderful how coloring books have become such a huge craze.

    Nice poem — I like how you contrasted the “animals” in the first stanza with the younger of the species. Very clever use of “gear” too!


  6. The coloring book craze is interesting. I wonder what or who got that going. There is something so meditative about coloring. Combining that process with poetry on the page is a perfect way to linger amongst the words.


    1. I recall sort of watching it happen–the coloring craze–and marveling that it had staying power. Not surprised, though, because it reminds many of us of childhood, and makes it possible to make something really pretty without having to be an artist. I agree that it’s a perfect pairing with poetry.


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