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Book Lover’s Day

I’m sharing another of my Summer Shorts poems today. August 9th was Book Lover’s Day. As soon as I saw that challenge on my list of Capture Your 365 prompts, I knew what my photograph would be. I pass this whimsical tree whenever I do my creek walk in the morning. He has always caught… Continue reading Book Lover’s Day

Ekphrastic, Poetry Friday

Reading the prints

A bit of miscellany today and a poem... Poetry Coloring Pages The adult colouring craze has come to poetry via Tweetspeak Poetry. I love coloring so  it was a natural for me to follow the links on their weekly newsletter, download the pages and have some fun. Find the collection of poetry coloring page links… Continue reading Reading the prints

15 words or less poems, Poetry Friday

Katniss’s Dilemma

Katniss's Dilemma Dentist's office? Therapy gym? Or Capitol creation that tears limb from limb? © 2013 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** In the land of Panem, it's not only the Hunger Games arena that is hazardous with booby traps! This is my response to Laura Purdie Salas's 15-words-or-less image/poem challenge ("Man or Machine?) … Continue reading Katniss’s Dilemma