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Reading the prints

A bit of miscellany today and a poem... Poetry Coloring Pages The adult colouring craze has come to poetry via Tweetspeak Poetry. I love coloring so  it was a natural for me to follow the links on their weekly newsletter, download the pages and have some fun. Find the collection of poetry coloring page links… Continue reading Reading the prints


Denominations–members of One Body

At a Bible study class I attend, this week one of the class members bemoaned the existence of denominations. Her sentiment caught my attention, partly I'm sure because I was already thinking about the topic for this week's Spiritual Journey Thursday. But partly too because I don't agree. Yes, I know we can look at… Continue reading Denominations–members of One Body

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How to look for a church

Next to the beginning of the new calendar year, the beginning of September is the time we make the most changes in our lives. The kids start a new school year. All kinds of activities from kids' soccer to adult classes get underway. If we've moved, we'll be exploring a new neighborhood. If we've decided… Continue reading How to look for a church

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January Sunshine

Thanks to Keri at Keri Recommends and Dorraine Bennet at Dori Reads for adding wonderful rays of sunshine to my day and, over the last little while, nominating this blog for a SUNSHINE AWARD!  That's definitely the way to brighten up a foggy January! Here are the (flexible) rules: 1. Acknowledge the nominating bloggers 2.… Continue reading January Sunshine