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Texture poem

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Texture Poem


© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

Prompt – Inspiration
Write a poem that highlights (puts in relief like braille) a particular texture: gritty or smooth, rubbery or sharp, slimy or dry. Do whatever you can with language and imagery to achieve this sensory effect but DON’T cue the reader by saying “This is gritty” or “This is slimy.” Make the reader feel it, almost physically, without being told what to feel. – John Drury, Creating Poetry, Writer’s Digest Books, 1991.


VintagePADThis April I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by posting some not-as-yet published poems from my files, along with what inspired them. If the prompt inspires you to write a poem of your own, you’re welcome to share it in comments. Whether you write or not, thanks so much for dropping by!


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