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Texture poem

Texture Poem CORduROYcorDUroyCORduROY WHICKwhackWHICKwhackWHICKwhack taDAtaDAtaDAtaDAtaDAtaDAtaDA warmCOLDwarmCOLDwarmCOLDwarm HAPPYsadHAPPYsadHAPPYsadHAPPYsad SUNmonTUEwedTHUfriSATsunMONtue... janFEBmarAPRmayJUNjulAUGsepOCTnovDEC © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** Prompt - Inspiration Write a poem that highlights (puts in relief like braille) a particular texture: gritty or smooth, rubbery or sharp, slimy or dry. Do whatever you can with language and imagery to achieve this sensory… Continue reading Texture poem