Tablet Life


Kindle collections on my tablet (one of my happy places in tablet life) – Photo © 2017 by V. Nesdoly

Tablet life

Tablet life is swipable
expandable and squeezable
pushable and snappable
all at your fingertips

Clickable and searchable
tap and type and drawable
a workout for your head and hands
but not the best for hips.

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

Do you own a tablet (or smartphone—that might be even worse)? Have you fallen under its spell, so that you can’t be without it out let it out of your sight? I must remind myself of the truth of the little ditty above when I’m tempted to linger too long with my very fun, versatile, addictive but sedentary tablet.

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25 thoughts on “Tablet Life

  1. I came to your post from “Be a Good Steward of Your Gifts,” which ends in “Walk./Take the phone off the hook./Work regular hours.” Yes, I get lost far too often in Online-land!!


  2. Oh boy. I’ve been feeling guilty about how much time I’m on these devices lately. Definitely not good for us! Love the organization on your tablet, though. You’ve inspired me to clean up my hodge podge of stuff.


  3. I saw a news story that shared brain research recently of the addiction for getting feedback online, even just the using of it. I do have an IPad, but don’t use it as often as the laptop. Love that final line, and we all must take the time to get outside!


    • That addiction business is scary, isn’t it, Linda. I’m sure I’ve noticed changes in my ability to concentrate and remember what I came to my computer to do in the first place. One so easily gets swept away into cyber-world.



    • Aw, thanks, Linda. Re laughing, I wonder what a visitor from some other planet would make of our fixation on these little rectangles –n restaurants, while walking down the street, or driving, when we’re surrounded by other people.



  4. Isn’t it wonderful to have all those books at your fingertips? Ruth,


    • Oh yes, Ruth! Kindle has revolutionized my reading in a good way. And the fact that books are searchable is such a bonus. You remember a quote from a book you read several years ago, find it on your Kindle, and can even put your eyes on that quote in minutes! It’s amazing.



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