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Parade—band, balloons
horses, bulls, flags, floats, tractors
and candy vultures!

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


It’s parade season! These photos were taken last year when we were visiting the kids/grandkids in Dawson Creek. The Friday noon parade introduced a weekend of rodeo fun!

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24 thoughts on “Parade!”

  1. Love those ‘candy vultures’! A few years ago while my daughter, the granddaughters & I visited my brother, who has an antique store in a town with different summer celebrations, the girls got to ride with him in a car advertising the store. Oh my, they loved it! And yes, they, like others, got to throw candy! Wonderful poem that captures it all, Violet.


    1. How wonderful for your girlies, Linda!

      I just found this quote in the book I’m reading: “Do you know who is having the most fun at the parades? Do you know who is granted the biggest smile? It is she who is throwing the candy, of course.” – Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Track by Erin Loechner.



  2. Delightful! I grew up on parades….watching and then marching band and then princess waving for a bit. Those tractors and their proud owners always make me smile. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be proud of those big John Deere or International Harvester rigs….it’s just so different from the vehicles in my world. And, candy vultures…..what a great visual. We kids sure were competative for so little stale taffy. lol.


    1. Yes, Linda, those big rigs figure in areas where farming is important. I can see how they would be quite foreign to city slickers. Definitely a feature of farming community parades. “Stale Taffy” – Ha! Are you implying they were throwing out the dregs of the Halloween leftovers, maybe?



  3. Hooray for parade season, Violet. I enjoyed your video and poem. Candy vultures???never seen those and for that matter, I have never seen a tractor in a parade. Thanks for the new twist on parades.


    1. Carol, I’m sure your New York parades don’t have tractors (or maybe they do, under all those plastic flowers and bunting). But don’t the clowns or some of the parade members throw candy? That needs to be remedied!



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