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“Summer” and “read” are synonyms (Spiritual Journey Thursday)

Summer. Even saying the word makes me feel good. I think the magic of this season is so much a part me because of the rhythms of school ingrained from childhood. From my earliest memories it has always been ten months of school (September to June), two months of summer holidays (July and August)—the standard in Canada.

Then there’s the weather. Where I live, in the northern hemisphere, much of the year is chilly. The warmest months of the year argue loudly for a break in routine. And that’s what summer is for many of us.

One of my favourite summer activities is reading. I read all year but summer with its beach mornings, its lazy afternoons, its long light evenings makes it especially conducive to getting lost in a good book, or series of books.

“Egghead” sculpture by Kimber Fiebiger (On exhibit in Castlegar B.C., 2016)
 Explanation of the sculpture: “Egghead is a tribute to all people who are excited by a good book.”

A couple of summers ago I read all of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books. Last year I indulged in Tolstoy, completing Anna Karenina (not the most upbeat read but long-lasting).

A Story
A Story
not in her memoir.
No Grannies
bone china.
Grew up in fast company— 
tale of Twisted Tea.
© 2018 by Violet Nesdoly

This year I’m reading the Lord of the Rings books. (Are there three or six? The Kindle collection I downloaded has six!) Though I’ve already been reading it for some weeks, I am only at 36%, it will probably take me much of the summer to complete, and thus it’s the perfect fat summer tome (especially as it’s readily available, without added weight or bulk, on my iPad).

Feeling Small – Version 2
Feeling Small
Joined by marigolds
I am safe in Mother’s arms
reading giant tales
© 2018 by Violet Nesdoly

As well, summer is the perfect time to read the bestseller of all time—the Bible. Whether you read it chronologically in great chunks or selectively a few verses at a time, it’s sure to enhance the spiritual aspect of your summer reading. If you’ve never read it before, try reading a modern version (like The Living Bible – TLB). A good place to start might be the life of Jesus as told in the Gospels of Matthew or Luke (the first and third books of the New Testament).

What about you—do you also enjoy wiling away the summer hours with books? Which ones would you suggest?

(The poems are from my 2017 “Summer Shorts” photo / poem project.)

spiritualjourneyfirst-thursday-copy.jpgThis post is linked to Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday, hosted today by Margaret Simon on her blog Reflections on the Teche.


17 thoughts on ““Summer” and “read” are synonyms (Spiritual Journey Thursday)”

  1. Dear Violet, thanks for sharing your reading life! Like you I tend to take on a series for summer… this year I am reading the Merlin books by T.A. Barron. There are 13! I have long loved the legend of Merlin, and when I heard Tom speak earlier this year, I went straight to ebay and ordered the lot. I’m enjoying them so far! So… waving to you from one fantasy world to another! xo


    1. Thanks, Irene. I’m not surprised you’re into a fantasy series. Thirteen books—that’s quite a chunk of reading. I’m waving back to you from my favourite spot in the Rings so far—the land of Lorien, of which Sam Gamgee said: “I feel as if I was inside a song, if you take my meaning.” (Isn’t that lovely?)



  2. What a wonderful list of summer reading. I loved Narnia and Lord of the Rings, but I’ve never made it through Anna Karenina. This summer I am steeped in journals of Shackleton’s team of explorers. And I often pull up that prayer that came from your help as I am actually finding time to write this summer. Enjoy your reading.


    1. Thank you, Dori! I’m thrilled your back with Shackleton. Excellent that you’re finding time to write. (I too soldier on with my fiction, doing 90 minutes a day four days a week. I am now closing in on 50,000 words, of which I am entirely unsure how many will last, but at least I’m giving myself something to edit—someday!)



    1. Thanks, Wolfe, for reading and leaving a comment. I just looked up your book choice–a new writer and series to me. And yes, the Kindle edition I’m reading has six books, touting it the complete story (with the exception of The Hobbit). What imagination!


  3. Summer and read are synonyms! I’m totally with you on that. While I don’t pick a series for the summer, I do allow myself to wander wherever I want in the books I’m reading. I wrote about some of my summer reading plans in my SOL post on May 29. Getting lost in a good book is one of the delightful pleasures of summer.


  4. Thanks for this post, Violet. I’m reading a little of this and that so far this summer, looking for something that really draws me in. I’m glad you are enjoying the Lord of the Rings… finding the beauty in it. Lovely!


    1. Thanks, Karen. Sometimes it takes a bit of sampling to find what really appeals. I always have my ear to the ground, so to speak, for new possibilities. Sounds like you do too.



  5. I love your summer shorts poems and photos. Reading is a joy of summer. Here’s to long lazy reading time.


  6. Violet, it is hard to believe that you have cold most of the winter but then we have not had a full spring this year. Some days are chilly. How ambitious you are to read what you chose. Best of luck. I will be reading some professional texts and books that are in my stack. I am starting off with Gae Polsner’s books. Since I do not have an offering from you for my spring gallery, I was hoping you would let me showcase Feeling Small that will fit in nicely in the Children’s Corner section of the gallery. I took a screenshot of the picture and poem hoping you will say yes.


    1. Thanks, Carol. Nothing wrong with making progress on one’s stack. And yes, you’re most welcome to include “Feeling Small” in your springtime gallery. I haven’t been posting many poems lately, so I’m glad you found one of mine that you can use.


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  7. I am reading Varina, by Charles Frazier, as well as a stack of other things. But somehow I haven’t quite hit my reading rhythm this summer yet. I haven’t felt well, and there have been lots of little errands to do. Hoping for some quality reading soon. Ruth,


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