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“Summer” and “read” are synonyms (Spiritual Journey Thursday)

Summer. Even saying the word makes me feel good. I think the magic of this season is so much a part me because of the rhythms of school ingrained from childhood. From my earliest memories it has always been ten months of school (September to June), two months of summer holidays (July and August)—the standard… Continue reading “Summer” and “read” are synonyms (Spiritual Journey Thursday)

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Holidays Another newly minted coin rolls from the satin purse of night adds yet more hours of wealth to the collection of summertime perfection. © 2014 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************** We’re recently back from holidays, which can sometimes feel other-worldly and too good to be true. We are also in the middle… Continue reading Holidays

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Summer advice

Summer Advice Savor the moment Let your mind wander Only rise When you’re good and ready Don’t rush around Or meet any deadlines Wile away the day No pressure © 2014 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** It’s summer and I’m about to take my own advice. I will be taking a break from… Continue reading Summer advice

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Freelance Writer’s Almanac – coming soon!

Anyone who has written freelance knows that wonderful writing isn't the only thing our piece needs to get accepted. It also needs to be timely. Write and submit an article about C. S. Lewis in 2014 and chances are editors will reject it, whereas they may well have accepted it in 2013. Why? Because 2013… Continue reading Freelance Writer’s Almanac – coming soon!

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Summer Plans

Summer Plans My mom has signed me up for summer camp. That’s twenty-one meals in the dining hall. It’s shivering in a towel that’s always damp and taking dares to scale the climbing wall. It’s harnessing to be the zip line champ contests of shooting with the basketball. Can’t wait for campfire and those yummy… Continue reading Summer Plans