nature, Poetry

Progress of Spring

Progress of Spring

birthed in winter drifts
sleep under hibernating trees
pure and white.


toddler flower girls
downy arms raised high,
present mauve, yellow, white nosegays to the sun.


children—stocky, solid, and beautiful
heads down, concentrate
on standing straight.


whimsical young loners and dreamers
light out-of-the-way places.
with stained-glass lamp shades

Salmonberry Blossoms

trinity of purity
stirs with the clear voice
of a children’s Easter choir.


Fawn Lilies
gangly adolescent beauties
study spotted leaves
with shyly lowered faces.

Fawn Lilies

Wild Roses
youthful awkwardness overcome
gather in pink multitudes on the verge of summer
lure bees and passersby with blushing blooms and heady cologne.

Wild Roses

Poem & Photos © 2022 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

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