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New Gallery on Daily Paintworks

A few weeks ago the book Daily Painting came to my attention. I read a sample and decided that author Carol Marine’s philosophy of painting often and small fit with my resolve to do some art every day. I purchased the book.

On reading the whole book, I discovered that there is an online community of artists that have a similar dedication to painting often (and often small). Their meeting place is a website called Daily Paintworks which Carol and her husband developed to aid her in selling her work. They have since opened membership to a community of artists.

Creatives of 2D works with varying amounts of experience who work in different media display work that gets publicized on the web site’s front page and a daily email that goes out to thousands of subscribers.

Earlier this week, I joined Daily Paintworks and started adding art to my own gallery! Today is the fourth day my work has appeared on the front page, along with almost 200 other new pieces of art!

A screenshot of my first painting on the front page of Daily Paintworks–“Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse” (middle of the page) posted Wednesday May 25, 2022.

DPW has some great features that I already appreciate.

  • I can post art that’s made just for fun, or art that I’d like to sell.
  • If the art piece I’m posting is in my Etsy shop, I can link it to the URL and sell through Etsy payments.
  • If the art piece I’m posting is not listed on Etsy, I can generate a “Buy” link that takes payment through PayPal.
  • There is no commission on sales made through Daily Paintworks (unless the piece is sold through an auction—which is another selling possibility).
  • I can set my own prices for art works (in Canadian funds) and easily make any changes to the listing whenever I wish.
  • Over time, if I stick with this, I will have a comprehensive collection of my work online available for viewing and, if someone likes it, for sale.
  • If you’re interested, you can subscribe to my gallery and get an update every time I add a new painting.

The first month on Daily Paintworks is free. I’m expecting I will stick around there for longer than that, though.

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