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Spring Collection

Spring Collection Polka dots, ruffles salmon pink haute couture let’s hear it for Rhodos sweet, classic, demure, © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved) ************ Prompt - Inspiration: Around this time of year, the rhododendrons start opening in all their glory around here. This carries on through May. This April 2014 poem was inspired… Continue reading Spring Collection

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October Fashion

October Fashion Morning wears crisp cotton and smoky tulle woven through with gold light. North Shore mountains are sensibly dressed in darkest denim, their tops hidden, cozy under unrolling bolts of blue- and grey-tinged fleece. The park has thrown on a shawl of embroidered leaves in tangerine, scarlet, yellow wine, olive. Even dwarf cedar has… Continue reading October Fashion

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Wear a Scarf

Wear a Scarf Wear a scarf with memory sweat-cloth of ancient Rome Chinese army neckerchief silk mask in cockpit fume. Wear a scarf that’s beautiful cashmere, pashmina, silk woven or embroidered in gold or silver gilt. Wear a scarf that’s versatile stole over evening gown shawl covering for the time of prayer pouch for your… Continue reading Wear a Scarf