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The glitter of old age (NPM ’16 – Day 4)

The glitter of old age Alas my greying hair has its own highlights. Bags under eyes don’t appreciate sparkles on lashes attracting attention. Glitter in makeup enhances the sculptured neck chiselled chin, fresh strawberry lips. My wattles and pursed mouth prefer something less showy. I go for the glitter of old age— The luster of… Continue reading The glitter of old age (NPM ’16 – Day 4)


Beware Retirement

Glynn Young's insightful blog post "Poetry At Work: The Poetry of Retirement" reminded me of when I went through some of the same things he and any new retiree faces—wondering who I would be now, what activities would my life consist of, would I find new purpose and direction? The poem below came out of… Continue reading Beware Retirement