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Fix your eyes on Jesus #BibleJournaling

On these last days of Lent, our thoughts go to the subject and central character of the Good Friday and Easter celebrations just ahead. There is no One more beautiful to contemplate! “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the… Continue reading Fix your eyes on Jesus #BibleJournaling

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Lucifer at Calvary

Lucifer at Calvary From the opening whistle in the garden it’s been an even match though He boastfully predicted I’d be left with a crushed head. I’ve played my hand well countered Abraham with Lot Isaac with Ishmael the Israelites with the Egyptians David with Absalom. My several setbacks? Blame them on bad luck. The… Continue reading Lucifer at Calvary

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Evil’s party (guest list)

Evil’s Party (guest list) (after Mark 15) Sir Accusation Miss Envy Madame Bloodthirst (she usually brings a crowd) Count Rebellion & his brother Murderer Governor People-Pleaser The triplets Mockery, Teasing & Making Sport Mr. Violence & sons Hitting Spitting, Scourging and Crucifying Misses Gambling & Greed Sir Sarcasm & Lady Reviling Lord Blasphemy Queen Death… Continue reading Evil’s party (guest list)

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Betrayer I never fit with the eleven. Fishermen, tax collector, even the Carpenter lack my calculating mind. Obviously now a push is needed to make Him show Himself for who He is. The others will thank me from their places by the throne even the J. brothers— getting their mother to ask for left and… Continue reading Betrayer