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one beady eye

I'm back. I haven't posted here in a long time. But it's spring and the sap has started to flow. I took a walk this afternoon and, with my camera, found haiku all over the place. I'll share them over the next while. (Wouldn't want to flood the place with the spring runoff.) But it… Continue reading one beady eye

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Houston Trail – Langley BC

Houston Trail - Langley BC Peacock ferns, prehistoric, lush draw us into the dim, cedar-canopied wood. Uprooted trunks sprawl, branches arc, snapped limbs leap in frozen pirouettes. Slim apparitions forever grope, reach, grasp a menagerie of many-appendaged moon monsters sculpted from dripping filigree and moss macramé. Victim of the spell in Mother’s warning: “If you… Continue reading Houston Trail – Langley BC