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Sonnet to a Potato

A couple of weeks ago, I found inspiration for a couple of poems in response  to the found photo prompts at Laura Shovan's blog (where the fun continues).  A photo of a "Loaded baked potato" was the prompt for February 14th.  That photo plus the fact it was Valentine's Day and love sonnets were in… Continue reading Sonnet to a Potato

light, Poetry Friday

Loveliest of Trellis, the Chervonets Now

Loveliest of Trellis, the Chervonets Now Loveliest of trellis the chervonets now Is hung with blooper along the boulder And stands about the woolpack ridicule Wearing whitleather for easting. Now of my thresher yeast and tenancy Twig will not come again. And take from severalty springer a scorpion It only leaves me figment more. And… Continue reading Loveliest of Trellis, the Chervonets Now