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Homophoems (oh groan!)

On Monday Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect posted the Homophoem Poetry Stretch challenge (via J. Patrick Lewis). The task: write a two- to ten-line poem using at least one homophone. (Homophones, in case you've forgotten, are words that share the same pronunciation but differ in meaning.) I've been writing them all week! What fun… Continue reading Homophoems (oh groan!)

light, Poetry Friday

Circus Scandal

CIRCUS SCANDAL Emails, flyers, posters, letters and a lot more bumf advertised circus parade real elephant’s galumph. But the beast was clumsy, shy a masked and costumed humf. Cheated crowd wants money back not ringmaster’s “Harrumph.” © 2013 – Violet Nesdoly ******************** David Harrison's Word of the Month challenge for June is "Harrumph." The poem… Continue reading Circus Scandal

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Loveliest of Trellis, the Chervonets Now

Loveliest of Trellis, the Chervonets Now Loveliest of trellis the chervonets now Is hung with blooper along the boulder And stands about the woolpack ridicule Wearing whitleather for easting. Now of my thresher yeast and tenancy Twig will not come again. And take from severalty springer a scorpion It only leaves me figment more. And… Continue reading Loveliest of Trellis, the Chervonets Now

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Appetite Affair

Appetite Affair Adore apples Bewitched by bread Charmed by chocolate Delight in doughnuts Esteem eggs Fall for fajitas Go for grapefruit Hold hamburger in high regard Idolize ice-cream Just crave jam Kiss kasha goodbye Love lava cakes Mad for muffins Nibble noodles Over head and ears in love with olives Passionate about peanut butter Quest… Continue reading Appetite Affair