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A Lent Conversation

Do you keep Lent? Lent is a church season—a time of sober introspection in preparation for Easter—that my faith tradition mentioned only in passing. But I do love the idea of a faith calendar where one remembers and honours each season of faith at a set time each year. In the spirit of discovering, appreciating,… Continue reading A Lent Conversation

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Storing I am storing up Bible verses on index cards a collection of river stones against the day I’ll need to remember* a shed full of life rafts for when I am in deep water a freezer of cooked dinners for a time when life is too hectic to cook a meal from scratch out… Continue reading Storing



I did it!!! I wrote one poem a day for the whole month of April. And this time it wasn't even hard. I think that's because I sat myself down at the beginning of the month and gave my lazy, self-indulgent side a lecture: - No excuses. Don't even think of whining or feeling sorry… Continue reading Success!

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The Custodian

The Custodian The coffee cups we take into the sanctuary she sees as spots to scrub from the carpet later. On youth night she braces herself for toilets plugged with paper towel sinks clogged with toilet paper. The inconspicuous, numberless door in the hallway we’ve never really noticed— she has the key to it could… Continue reading The Custodian

Writing Prompts

April prompt: water

Our writing prompt this month is WATER. April, on the Canadian prairies where I grew up, was a month of water. The precipitation that came down as snow all winter gradually melted in the warm sun of April's  lengthening days and filled the days with spring's background music of drip, trickle, and croaking frogs. Judging… Continue reading April prompt: water