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Choosing a word for the year

"Waterlilies" - painted card by Violet Nesdoly Do you have some favourite routines or rituals that you go through at the beginning of the year? To my mind, starting a new calendar with a new “last name” lends itself to several traditions that I’ve enjoyed for many years. One of them is choosing a word… Continue reading Choosing a word for the year

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Mini-conference on Storytelling

Two weeks from today (November 2nd) has been marked on my calendar for weeks. It’s the day of our one-day writing conference: “Storytelling: Bringing the Past to Life.” If you’re a Vancouver area writer, you’ll want to give this a look. Here is the delectable lineup: 9:00 a.m. - “The Drama of Biblical Fiction” by… Continue reading Mini-conference on Storytelling

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I will remember #BibleJournaling

In her video series on Bible Journaling, Rebekah R. Jones remembers the story of her miracle healing in a Bible art journal project connected to Psalm 77:11: “I will remember the works of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.” She demonstrates, on the video, how to make a striking rainbow page… Continue reading I will remember #BibleJournaling

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And so the work of writing a poem a day begins... work it starts with pen on paper it’s scribbles and cross-outs and trying again it’s squeezing eyes shut to focus it’s herding cat-thoughts into an orderly, logical line it’s silence no music, the door closed no one dropping into my office to chat it’s… Continue reading work

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Tomorrow is April 1st. As I write that I feel a frisson of excitement. April is National Poetry Month (in Canada, the U.S. and perhaps other places too). This April, as I’ve done during the last several Aprils, I’m planning to drop other projects and works-in-progress and concentrate on poetry. Yes!! Last year I wrote… Continue reading Preserving

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Just an ordinary walk

In the last few weeks my walking partner, dear hubby, has been finding it more and more painful to walk. Then the doctor told him, no more long walks until you’re better. So for now I am walking on my own. When I took solitary walks in the past I experienced a wonderful loosening of… Continue reading Just an ordinary walk

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More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)

More than mulch or top-dressing An experience just lived not considered, pondered, mulled over, reflected on, studied, and weighed is like giving food a detour past digestion. Even worm’s automatic reflexes produce the stuff of enrichment— castings that make fruitful. So may the ingestion, digestion and assimilation of our days and moments grow our souls… Continue reading More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)

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Hello Poetry Month!

Today is April 1st and the beginning of National Poetry Month. Today is also Poetry Friday. How perfect when the two come together! As I usually do in April, I'm planning to do some extra writing. The goal is to write a poem a day or at least spend some time on poetry-writing every day… Continue reading Hello Poetry Month!



Happy Fall and welcome to September! The past few months of relative quietness here have been a period of thinking for me. I've asked myself, why do I do this--write, especially poetry? Why do I post it here? Do I want to keep doing this? This June before holidays I lived under a cloud of… Continue reading Denial

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Feeling burned out? Take a vacation

I’ve just returned from a three-week vacation. Therefore I’m as in-touch with being in holiday mode as I’ve ever been. I spend much of each workday on writing and writing-related activities so it was from these thing I wanted a holiday. I was ready for a break by the middle of June! I decided this… Continue reading Feeling burned out? Take a vacation