Christmas, Religious

Christmas Crossroads

Christmas Crossroads

Mary could have said ‘No’ to the angel
and refused the Spirit’s advances
Joseph could have broken the engagement
and exposed Mary to the wrath of the law

The shepherds could have dismissed
the angels as illusion
their invitation to Bethlehem
foolhardy and impractical

The wise men could have rationalized
the star into a normal occurrence
or returned to the king
instead of taking the angel’s detour

Joseph could have delayed
until the soldier-filled morning
instead of leaving
in the middle of the night

Whatever decision I make today
I consider carefully
every crossroad choice
becomes the route of history

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly

4 thoughts on “Christmas Crossroads”

  1. So True!
    Yet if we mere mortals could only see a little further down the road,
    see the next step and where it will lead,
    which is why we need the word-lamp unto our feet,
    faith to follow what at times may seem
    the foolishness of God!

    Your poem
    small choices
    change history
    proves even poetry
    can matter!


    1. Your poetic comments are a thoughtful pleasure, Charlie. “…the word-lamp unto our feet” is what we/I need for sure. Because as you intimate, sometimes God’s ways seem foolish.


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