6 thoughts on “Blog post advice from Copyblogger”

  1. All true. But the problem, I’ve found with today’s “bulleted style” is that it seems to promise quick solutions. (Still, I make much use of bullets and subheadings–it makes a post visibly easier to digest).

    Each of these 11 points is spot-on, but it takes much thought and practice to hone every one of them.

    I’ve just skimmed “The slow fix” — a long book that says nothing new about patience and thoughtful hard work, but says it with contemporary anecdotes which might seem “new” to people who have bought into the notion that we can have it all right now, if we grab it fast enough. Have you read it?


    1. I haven’t read the book, Tracy, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip! And you’re so right about the time and thought everything takes. Even writing an email sometimes takes me an hour!

      As for the bulleted style, I use it myself because when I read online Isense inner resistance when I see huge chunks of unbroken text. That style certainly forces one to cut to the chase. I think it’s writing that’s more declarative (vs. appearing thoughtful and less certain). So much to consider…


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