January, February


January, February

It’s January, all must change
my resolutions cry it!
I’ll clean the cupboards, shine the glass
completely change my diet.
The constant list of things I need
has changed from Christmas treats
to organizers, storage boxes,
and a set of sheets.

It’s February, nothing’s changed
the bathroom scales decry it
(that frozen stash of Christmas treats
has sabotaged my diet).
The hopeful list of things I pledged
discreetly tucked away.
Ten months to do just as I please
until next New Year’s day.

© 2004 – Time of Singing, Winter 2004-2005 (also published in Calendar, 2004)

Happy New Year!

Today’s poem is a re-post. It first appeared here in 2009, but I wrote it long before that. I’m afraid it’s the ongoing story of my New Year’s Resolutions. Some things never change!Poetry Friday Logo
This post is part of Poetry Friday. You will find many more Poetry Friday poems linked at Betsy’sI Think in Poems blog.

28 thoughts on “January, February”

    1. Ha! You got that right, Tabatha. Those frozen treats have voices that reach through layers of house … I hear them calling from the basement right to my office on the upper floor!


  1. Ha, ha! I do have a frozen stash, & don’t know what to do with the leftover fudge except ‘eat it’! Your ideas for these two months are so right, Violet. Happy to have you share it again. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder if posted on the refrigerator? Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Julie! I wonder if any of us are still on track by the end of the second week of January, say, let alone the end of the month. But even the thought of those resolves probably pushes us to better things. I refuse to give up hope 🙂


  2. You made me smile . . . over the notebook I organized today for keeping our bank statements and receipts straight. Like you, I can’t seem to give up hope that *this year* will be different. Thanks for making me feel normal. It happens so rarely! 😉


  3. I always put organization at the top of my list of resolutions because it is a major challenge for me. I love the attitude for February, once you’ve blown it, you’ve blown it for the whole year!


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