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Autumn Song

Collage of market produce
Market Collage (Photos © 2015 by V. Nesdoly)

Autumn Song

Lettuce has bolted
rhubarb has plumed
cabbage grown plump
the onions have bloomed

Apples hide stars
tomatoes mandalas
green pews hold peas
mushrooms umbrellas

Beets count their rings
like old hickories
are albino trees

Turnips love purple
radishes red
carrots, potatoes
won’t get out of bed

Corn’s teeth are stained
peaches and cream
gherkins escape in a
dill pickle dream

Pumpkins grow fat
like full harvest moons
goose gang flies south
honking its tunes

© 2009 by Violet Nesdoly

Happy October! This time of year begs for a seasonal poem. I dug this one out of my binder. I believe I wrote it in 2009.  It makes me wish I had a garden to harvest. The next best thing is a Farmer’s Market. The photo is a collage from the amazing Kelowna Farmer’s Market. I took the photos when we visited in late September last year.

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14 thoughts on “Autumn Song”

  1. What gorgeous photos and what a fun poem! It feels so bountiful, like a good harvest. I especially love the first line, and the apples hiding stars, and the tomatoes hiding mandalas, and the carrots and potatoes that won’t get out of bed!

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  2. Wonderful poem, Violet! Especially love those potatoes and carrots who won’t get out of bed. 🙂 Love how you’ve captured the spirit of the season, the wealth of harvest.

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  3. They’re marvelous images, that ‘stained corn’, & ‘mushroom umbrellas’, but I like this best: “gherkins escape in a/dill pickle dream”. I do make pickles, although sweet, & it’s something passed down from my husband’s aunt. Wonderful time, this autumn season.

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    1. It sure is a wonderful time, Linda. I’ll never forget late summer/early fall in the farm and the kitchen smelling mouth-wateringly of vinegar and pickle brine–turmeric golden with mustard seed floaties. It almost makes me want to rush out and buy some pickle-making fixings. 😉


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