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A January week

I have returned to an old habit—following the Capture Your 365 daily photo prompt challenge (#CY365), and pairing the photos with a few lines. I'm finding it’s really quite doable if I keep up with it. So, without ado, here are some of this week’s captures: Last Saturday’s prompt was WITH WORDS. Here is the… Continue reading A January week

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Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon Bird Lady has tossed her breads. Clay pigeons, come leave your beds time to stuff stool pigeon heads! Dockyard pigeons, homing too from bridge girders and the zoo Pigeon Forgers, drop by, do! Pigeon-chested, pigeon-toed pigeon-heated by the road… full tums all—that is the goad. © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)… Continue reading Carrier Pigeon

light, nature, Poetry Friday

Autumn Song

Autumn Song Lettuce has bolted rhubarb has plumed cabbage grown plump the onions have bloomed Apples hide stars tomatoes mandalas green pews hold peas mushrooms umbrellas Beets count their rings like old hickories cauliflowers are albino trees Turnips love purple radishes red carrots, potatoes won’t get out of bed Corn’s teeth are stained peaches and… Continue reading Autumn Song


January, February

January, February It's January, all must change my resolutions cry it! I'll clean the cupboards, shine the glass completely change my diet. The constant list of things I need has changed from Christmas treats to organizers, storage boxes, and a set of sheets. It’s February, nothing's changed the bathroom scales decry it (that frozen stash… Continue reading January, February