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A Candy Year

One can look back over a year in many ways. Today we'll do it with candy. This little poem not only looks at the various types of candy with which we commemorate the year's special days but also lists some of my candy memories from childhood, young adulthood, mom-of-young kids years, to current candy temptations.… Continue reading A Candy Year

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Spring Isn’t

Crocuses - painted by Violet Nesdoly - Watercolor, 4 x 11 inches. Happy Spring! I have a seasonal ditty for you today. SPRING ISN’T Spring isn’t pallid snowdropsshyly coiled in chilly Feb.It isn’t jewel primulasor burgeoning rhodo’s red. Not hyacinths poking through dirtor blossom bursts of plum.Not heather clumps abuzz once morewith bees that float… Continue reading Spring Isn’t

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Dear After-Christmas Leftovers

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration. We did. We even had a white Christmas, something of a novelty in this southwest corner of Canada. Now that 2022 is almost upon us, do you find yourself looking ahead, perhaps crafting resolutions and setting some goals for the next 12 months? I do. Not… Continue reading Dear After-Christmas Leftovers

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Concession (for now)

A few weeks ago Ed DeCaria announced that the March Madness poetry competition would be back with a new name (Madness! Poetry) and a new website ( At that time he put out the call for poets to audition to be an authlete in the competition. One part of the audition was to write an… Continue reading Concession (for now)

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Autumn Song

Autumn Song Lettuce has bolted rhubarb has plumed cabbage grown plump the onions have bloomed Apples hide stars tomatoes mandalas green pews hold peas mushrooms umbrellas Beets count their rings like old hickories cauliflowers are albino trees Turnips love purple radishes red carrots, potatoes won’t get out of bed Corn’s teeth are stained peaches and… Continue reading Autumn Song

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Poetry Friday – tree branch edition

Welcome to Poetry Friday. I'm delighted to host you today from the branches of the latest avian property. Lark Listing You don’t need a formal foyer mudroom and a laundry too kitchen with a granite counter fireplaces not a few great big master, walk-in closets double basins in the loo when your wallpaper’s spring blossom… Continue reading Poetry Friday – tree branch edition

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Homophoems (oh groan!)

On Monday Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect posted the Homophoem Poetry Stretch challenge (via J. Patrick Lewis). The task: write a two- to ten-line poem using at least one homophone. (Homophones, in case you've forgotten, are words that share the same pronunciation but differ in meaning.) I've been writing them all week! What fun… Continue reading Homophoems (oh groan!)

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Circus Scandal

CIRCUS SCANDAL Emails, flyers, posters, letters and a lot more bumf advertised circus parade real elephant’s galumph. But the beast was clumsy, shy a masked and costumed humf. Cheated crowd wants money back not ringmaster’s “Harrumph.” © 2013 – Violet Nesdoly ******************** David Harrison's Word of the Month challenge for June is "Harrumph." The poem… Continue reading Circus Scandal

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Fiscal crisis

Fiscal crisis This American Sentence is a poem bribe for a guilt-free evening. Yesterday’s two-hour walk was payment for day-before-yesterday’s pan of brownies. That crocheted afghan is rent for time in front of the Food Network. These last two hours liking all your updates and pages are paying forward the success of my current work-in-progress… Continue reading Fiscal crisis