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A Creation Tale

At her blog Today’s Little Ditty, Michelle’s January guest was children’s poet Douglas Florian. He posted the January Ditty of the Month challenge to write a poem about NOTHING. (Read Mr. Florian’s interview and challenge HERE.)

I’ve enjoyed these poems a lot during January as they debuted on Michelle’s blog and others. I wrote one a couple of weeks ago and decided to get brave and post it today  which is the last day of the challenge. (Michelle I know I’m too late to make into the draw and appear on your site & that’s just fine.) It’s a children’s poem.

Image: Johnhain /
Image: johnhain /

A Creation Tale

Before there ever was anything
Creator had the thought
of replacing nothing with something
to make things where there now were not.

The home for his creation could be
land or sky, ice or sea.

He could fill it with creatures feathered or scaled
furry or smooth, hided or hard.

They could move on feet, hoofs or wings
hop on claws or swim with fins.

Call to each other with honk or bray
laugh, nicker, warble or say.

And there could be things that would only stand
spreading green across the land

with hats of red, yellow or blue
and luscious fruit of every hue…

His mind was so full of these wonderful thoughts
he was getting nothing done.
But how to choose among so many
nothing to something begun?

So he decided to make them all
use all these ideas and more.
And that was the end of nothing.
Now there’s something forevermore.

© 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

Poetry Friday LogoThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Catherine at Reading to the Core.

12 thoughts on “A Creation Tale”

  1. Brave Creator–plagued by a plethora of fabulous ideas, he decides to make them all! The only difference between me and Creator is in the execution–it never goes well when I decide to attempt everything I’m imagining!

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  2. This is a wonderful poem, Violet, with such a different point of view about nothing. You should send this out to our Spiritual Journey Thursday group. The Creator was very busy imagining all His thoughts and here we all are from a simple idea to a whole universe!

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  3. Oh it’s beautiful, Violet. My granddaughters are coming for a sleepover tomorrow night & I will share it with them. I love the idea, and this “nothing to something begun”. Exactly. The “nothing” poems have certainly been marvelous all month. I’m glad you posted.

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  4. Who knew there were so many different ways to write about nothing? I love your poem, Violet, and these lines feel like the story of my life:
    “His mind was so full of these wonderful thoughts
    he was getting nothing done.”
    Thanks for sharing!


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