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Echoes full of knowing (NPM ’16-Day 14)

  Echoes full of knowing I look a lot like little mouse little mouse with wings. At dark leave attic of your house to hunt for creepy things. I swoop and swirl, dive and glide but hardly use my sight, prefer in dim moon-shade to hide while scrounging food at night. I have the rare… Continue reading Echoes full of knowing (NPM ’16-Day 14)

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A Creation Tale

At her blog Today's Little Ditty, Michelle's January guest was children's poet Douglas Florian. He posted the January Ditty of the Month challenge to write a poem about NOTHING. (Read Mr. Florian's interview and challenge HERE.) I've enjoyed these poems a lot during January as they debuted on Michelle's blog and others. I wrote one… Continue reading A Creation Tale

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A birthday poem

Two little people in my family have birthdays this month. I set out a couple of weeks ago, after we'd spent some time with these littles this summer (they live far away from us), to write a birthday poem for each. Well, I got one written, and then a long break and finally last week,… Continue reading A birthday poem