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A little screed against progress


A little screed against progress

New car plays no CDs
camera has no download cord
it’s all Bluetooth and Wi-fi
and I’m feeling pushed toward

a world controlled by passwords
where music’s streamed, not owned
photos float on virtual clouds
and my attention’s honed:

delete the fake-bill email
ignore the mystery link
report the phishing trial
and with suspicion think

of all my cookie fragments
drifting through the air
as a trail of bread crumbs
for the thugs of ransom-ware,

increasingly uneasy
that someday I’ll be hacked…
The internet-less past
was safer—that’s a fact!

© 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


It’s not that I don’t like progress. The internet has brought many positive changes to my life which  would be very different if I suddenly found myself wi-fi-less.  However, in our rush to do everything online I sometimes get the uneasy feeling, especially on days when news of another mass hack circulates, that we’re all rushing toward a cliff.

PF-2This post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Carol at Carol’s Corner.

17 thoughts on “A little screed against progress”

  1. I do like things I can touch –photos, books, cds. The tangibility makes it more mine. Although, when it comes time to pack and move, intangibility is a plus!


    1. I agree, there are pluses and minuses on both sides. I love my collection of ebooks–a whole library on my book-sized device! I just don’t like being forced to do things the online way because the old technologies are becoming archaic and phased out. That seems to be the case more and more now.


  2. Interestingly, I read your poem today when I was at a district technology conference. The presenter was trying to show a TED talk, and couldn’t get the sound to work. And I totally agree with you. The internet has brought many benefits to my life- including friends from Poetry Friday and Tuesday’s Slice of Life. At the same time, all the passwords, etc., adds whole new levels of stress.


    1. So well said, Carol! It becomes a love-hate relationship. There are so many wonderful things the internet delivers, but also risks and hazards. Still, I wouldn’t want to be without it.


    1. Great point, Brenda! Everyone begs for our eyes on their newsletter these days. I think it’s the reality of the slow disappearance of print and its advertising clout. An email address is gold to internet businesses. (And I’ve become pretty stingy with mine! I’ll bet you have too 🙂

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  3. Beautifully wrought, and here on the net so many of us can enjoy it. Sometimes when I enjoy someone’s work, as I always do yours, Violet. I enjoy it and am a little bit sad that I can’t simply look up at you and say thank you. I spend a lot of time messing with security, FYI, and am hoping it’s enough.


    1. Linda, thank you! You are one of the most grateful and caring people I know online. Your kindness and attention are heard and mean so much. Don’t sell yourself short–you and what you do are gold!


  4. Such a clever, creative poem, Violet! I love the image you crafted of all those cookie crumbs floating through the air…Just weeks ago I finally gave in to the technology push and retired my flip phone and bought a smart phone. I suppose, as in all things, its about wise use and moderation. I did, with help from a colleague, discover the most amazing app this week–book wizard (free app from Scholastic) will use your smart phone to scan a book bar code and give you a summary and book level. It’s really pretty magical! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks mbhmaine! I understand the ‘magical’ business. I got my first ipad for Christmas and the apps available for it make it one of the most incredible toys / pieces of technology / entertainment package etc. I’ve ever owned. I’m not kidding myself… I would find it as hard to wean myself off all that I now have at my fingertips as anyone!


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