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The dentist has been drilling
deep inside my mouth
readying the pier holes
for a bridge from north to south.

My blissful gum’s been sleeping
through the whining and the fuss
but my thoughts are asking, Will it be
a bridge of beam or truss?

Maybe it will be a drawbridge
with spans that raise and lower.
Or a bridge that gives my chewing help
because it’s double decker?

Or suspension rope creation?
Cantilever or pontoon?
Will my mouth be full of cables?
Will I look like a cartoon?

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


I’m not sure why this poem jumped out at me from my stash. Perhaps because yesterday morning I got a text from my dentist, reminding me of an upcoming appointment. Or perhaps it’s because it’s “Take your poet to work” week and dentistry is definitely a type of work (for the doctor and the patient, I would say).

Thankfully, the bridge in my mouth is inconspicuous, as is most work done by dentists these days… and painless too (aside from the wallet).

poetryfridayThis poem is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by  The Logonauts.


14 thoughts on “Bridge”

  1. My grandson just had braces removed after so many years. He is happy! This is quite a positive poem, Violet, considering the topic! You’ve connected cleverly to those ‘real” bridges we travel. Glad yours work well for you, too!

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    1. Thanks, Linda. Good for your grandson. As I’ve never had braces, I can only imagine the relief of having them removed. Our son wore some for years to straighten a sideways front tooth. Much discomfort, but they also did wonders.



  2. Well it’s fun! And, you’ve got good meter & rhyme going there. I remember thinking as a kid….what on earth could a bridge in your mouth be? You’ve captured my question and given all kinds of funny possibilities!

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    1. Thanks, Linda. It was meant to be fun and explore those possibilities. It would be interesting to get a kid’s reaction to having a bridge installed inside his/her mouth.



  3. When is a bridge not a bridge? You reminded me of this quote: “Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition.” ~Eli Khamarov
    Gums sleep blissfully during the fuss, but they raise a stink when they wake up!

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  4. Violet, your poem takes what many consider to be an unpleasant situation into a pleasant exploration of the imagination rather than the reality. Thank you for stopping by the ridge this week and leaving your kind words.


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