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Play with words

Play with words Toy with words and you play with fire Gather memories like moss and kindling Quartz against quartz, ideas friction and spark Wisp of smoke is a portent Gather memories like moss and kindling Focus thought to a pinpoint through the lens of time Wisp of smoke is a portent Soon we will… Continue reading Play with words

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On Saturday the writing prompt at NaPoWriMo included a Paris Review interview of Kay Ryan. In it I discovered that she enjoys using clichés as inspiration: I often find myself thinking in clichés. I’ll urge myself on with various bromides and chasten myself with others. When I want to write they’re one way to start… Continue reading Limelight

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Concession (for now)

A few weeks ago Ed DeCaria announced that the March Madness poetry competition would be back with a new name (Madness! Poetry) and a new website ( At that time he put out the call for poets to audition to be an authlete in the competition. One part of the audition was to write an… Continue reading Concession (for now)