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Shannon Falls Haiga

My sister takes amazing nature photographs. When I saw these on her Facebook profile yesterday, complete with haiku she’d written (her first she says), I told her she should write more and my thought was, I’ve got to share these with other lovers of nature and poetry. Poetry Friday is the perfect place. So here… Continue reading Shannon Falls Haiga

Haiga, Haiku, Poetry Friday

Seasonal haiku

Though right now I’m giving my main attention to another writing project, daily walks still inspire haiku-length ditties. Experience the season with me… Back gangrenous snow approves bitter new day clenched in freezing’s headlock. Frigid morning—still Winter’s hit the snooze button while we watch for Spring. White quilt melted. Cover’s off for all to see… Continue reading Seasonal haiku

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Summer pickings

As we made plans for the summer, I knew our back-and-forths would make it hard for me to do much writing. So I decided to keep it simple and combine poetry-writing with my love of photography... a sort of haiga. Here are three gardens I snapped in last little while (sadly none of them are… Continue reading Summer pickings

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Autumn Haiga

Summer’s memoirs written on fallen leaves colourful stories Scarecrows riding high another season’s work done pose and party time! Currant prunings last garden harvest preserves for the eyes. Plain green juniper primping for autumn with red berry baubles ************* These are Saturday's poems for my poem-a-day November. The prompts for them were a few photos… Continue reading Autumn Haiga