Seasonal haiku


Though right now I’m giving my main attention to another writing project, daily walks still inspire haiku-length ditties. Experience the season with me…


Back gangrenous snow
approves bitter new day clenched
in freezing’s headlock.


Frigid morning—still
Winter’s hit the snooze button
while we watch for Spring.


(Photos © 2017 by V. Nesdoly)

White quilt melted.
Cover’s off for all to see
baby-Spring pink.


Poetry Friday LogoThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Carol at her Beyond Literacy Link blog. As usual, there’s a wonderful variety of poetry and poetry-related fare available there!

32 thoughts on “Seasonal haiku

  1. Your haiku provide us with such strong imagery, “Black gangrenous snow”, “Winter’s hit the snooze button”, and “baby-Spring pink”. Thank you for sharing your ‘daily walks’ with us, Violet! =)


  2. Those are clever and fun, Violet. It’s always a challenge to get through the February doldrums with an upbeat message. You managed it nicely. If only Trump would hit the snooze and stay out of the news for 4 more years. Although plenty of his cronies would take his place. Sigh.


  3. Powerful haiku, Violet, and lovely. They remind me why I moved to Florida. I’d always get S.A.D.D. in the winter, particularly in February when you wouldn’t see the sun sometimes for 3 weeks, if I’m remembering correctly, hidden behind so much gray. But still, I miss the seasons!


  4. That first image poem reminds me of snow in the city I grew up in-Central NY. The 2nd poem is quite a fitting one for the end of the Winter Wonder Gallery. Can I add it to the end of the gallery as a hopeful nod to spring. The last one is amazing. Is that what you see now?


    • Carol, thanks for hosting today, and I’d be delighted for you to add Photo #2 to your gallery.

      Yes, it’s heather and heather is one of the first plants to bloom. I took the photo about a week ago.


  5. Wonderful imagery! This is a winter that cannot make up its mind. We’ve had some cold days and some warm. My flowering bushes are totally confused.


  6. Your first picture is the worst part about a beautiful snowfall – the black gangrenous! We are still awaiting our first snow….much like that snooze button.


  7. Oh, I love that “winter’s hit the snooze button,” Violet. Mostly what I want to do is to wrap up in a cozy fleece blanket. And “gangrenous snow” is perfect. It’s lost its appeal but will stay and stay.


    • Thank you, Kay! The thought of winter asleep came to me as I was talking to the neighbor who walks his dog every day and he mentioned how dead and unresponsive everything in nature seemed and how he was champing at the bit for spring.


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