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Destiny's Hands - Violet NesdolyIt’s May 1st. Time to announce the winners of the giveaway. They are: Bonnie and Patricia.  Congratulations!

I’ll be getting in touch with both of you for your mail addresses. Hope you enjoy!


I (and my book Destiny’s Hands) are thrilled to be featured today on the blog Interviews and Reviews. Thank you, Laura Davis, for interesting questions and an opportunity to talk about this project.

Though Destiny’s Hands is not a new book (it came out in 2012) it is a timely read as it tells the story of the first Passover. The modern celebration of the Jewish Feast of Passover begins at sundown tonight, April 14th.

To complement Laura’s interview, I’m giving away two paperback copies of Destiny’s Hands.

Interested in winning a book? Simply sign up in the comments below (by April 30th) and I’ll put your name in the draw. I’ll announce the winners here on May 1st.

Digital copies are also available for new-school readers who prefer the weightless version. (Sorry, I can’t give those away.)

Hiking around in a wilderness odyssey

Israel tabernacle & encampment in the wilderness

The Israelite tabernacle & encampment in the wilderness

“Are you going to write another book?” I’ve heard that question a lot since publishing my novel in 2012.  I suppose it’s a question writers inevitably face after finishing a first book.

My plan, when I published Destiny’s Hands (a biblical fiction exploring the life of the Bible character Bezalel from when he was a slave in Egypt until Moses gave him a divine assignment), was to tell this one story and be done with fiction. But the process was satisfying in a way that few other writing projects have been. The characters I created are still with me. And since finishing I have wondered how they’re faring.

One person intrigues me more than the rest. Zamri, Bezalel’s younger sister, has the individuality, rebellious streak, and softness that make me think maybe, just maybe I could do something with her during the nomadic years that follow Israel’s exit from Egypt.

I am still in the research stage of my present work-in-progress. It feels like a base camp from which I could be making reconnaissance hikes into this wilderness odyssey for quite a while. But ideas are beginning to come as I familiarize myself with the story world—a world as exotic and strange as any fantasy planet.

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Love at first sight?

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‘Valentine’s Day’ in my novel Destiny’s Hands comes on the day the Israelites celebrate their final defeat of the Egyptians after they cross the Red Sea.

In the story Moses leads in a celebration dance and main character Bezalel joins in. Then he looks on as Miriam leads the women in their part of the dance and catches a glimpse of…. Who is she?

Here is that bit from Destiny’s Hands (Chapter 14):

destiny's hands ebookMoses led them back to his own camp spot. As they approached, his sister Miriam—a tall woman with snowy hair and a tanned, wrinkled face—came out of her tent. Though Bezalel hadn’t seen her for years, he recognized her regal air and remembered how,
as a little boy, he had been in awe of her. As far back as he could remember, she had been known as a prophetess with unusual talents and insights.

She listened to Moses and the crowd for a while, then disappeared into her tent coming back a few minutes later with a timbrel in her hand. In a voice that sounded
much younger than one would expect from such a wrinkled visage, Miriam took up Moses’ song. Moses stopped, smiled broadly at his sister, and motioned to her with his hand as if to say, “It’s your turn!”

“Sing to the Lord, for He is highly exalted,” she began, taking up his refrain. She wove
through the crowds as Moses had. This time the women followed her and soon Miriam led a throng of them. They danced through the camp as Moses and the men had, picking up followers as they went.

They made their way past Bezalel and he caught sight of his mother and Zamri in the
crowd of dancers. It was good to see his mother so light-hearted, and Zamri able to express her naturally bubbly nature.

Of course there were others too, no lack of lovely women on which to feast one’s eyes.
Bezalel watched one, and then another, until he saw a delightful creature such as he had never seen before. She was a few women away from Zamri and had thick, wavy hair the color of copper. Her eyes, when they were open, flashed green malachite. Her skin was tanned, her face and lips flushed with exertion. Damp tendrils of hair clung to her face and neck. She was beautiful!

But more than her physical beauty attracted Bezalel. Fascinated, he watched her dance with abandon and not a shred of self-consciousness, as if performing for Yahweh Himself. Her movements were the exact physical expression of lightness and  joy Bezalel had felt after he had removed his charm during the plague of darkness.

He had to find out who she was.


Want to read more? Destiny’s Hands is available from Amazon and other online booksellers (in paperback or e-book). You can also order it  from me (author-signed if you like), details HERE.

It’s December!


12-11~112November, the crazy month of writing challenges is over!  A few years ago I submitted myself to NaNoWriMo. For the last couple of Novembers, I’ve participated (somewhat) in the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge (prompts, initiative and encouragement supplied by Robert Brewer the blogmeister at Poetic Asides, Writer’s Digest’s blog for poets).

I participated in that this  year as well and have come away from November with 22 new poems. (Not all of them following Brewer’s prompts, and so I am disqualified from entering his Chapbook Contest  on two counts—because I didn’t write every day and didn’t follow the given prompts. But that’s okay. The object of the exercise was to write.)

A nice sideline of this year’s Chapbook Challenge was that reader/poets supplied the prompts. Brewer asked for a few more at the beginning of the month, I emailed him one, and lo and behold, it was the prompt for yesterday, the last day of the challenge!

Christmas creche

Our Christmas creche

Now it’s December! Yesterday I began decorating the house. Hubby went to assemble the outside lights and found they were missing! It’s the fault of the bottom story flood we had this February, when everything damp got carted away by the restoration company. We got most of it back, dried and restored and thought we had those lights too.

After looking high and low, hubby drove off to the store to buy new ones. But I wasn’t satisfied we didn’t have those old ones somewhere. Where or where could they be?

I decided to look once more through every inch of the crawl space, their customary home. There, in the shadows,  was a tall box filled with clothes hangers, but, I found when I tried to move it, suspiciously heavy too. I decided to dig to the bottom and voila! Cords, wires, bulbs upon bulbs! The lost was found!

This month I’m having a sale on my novel. Check out the December Sale page. It would be a pleasure to put a copy of Destiny’s Hands (a signed copy if you like) in your hands, or the hands of someone you love this Christmas!

Happy December!!