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It’s December!

12-11~112November, the crazy month of writing challenges is over!  A few years ago I submitted myself to NaNoWriMo. For the last couple of Novembers, I’ve participated (somewhat) in the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge (prompts, initiative and encouragement supplied by Robert Brewer the blogmeister at Poetic Asides, Writer’s Digest’s blog for poets).

I participated in that this  year as well and have come away from November with 22 new poems. (Not all of them following Brewer’s prompts, and so I am disqualified from entering his Chapbook Contest  on two counts—because I didn’t write every day and didn’t follow the given prompts. But that’s okay. The object of the exercise was to write.)

A nice sideline of this year’s Chapbook Challenge was that reader/poets supplied the prompts. Brewer asked for a few more at the beginning of the month, I emailed him one, and lo and behold, it was the prompt for yesterday, the last day of the challenge!

Christmas creche
Our Christmas creche

Now it’s December! Yesterday I began decorating the house. Hubby went to assemble the outside lights and found they were missing! It’s the fault of the bottom story flood we had this February, when everything damp got carted away by the restoration company. We got most of it back, dried and restored and thought we had those lights too.

After looking high and low, hubby drove off to the store to buy new ones. But I wasn’t satisfied we didn’t have those old ones somewhere. Where or where could they be?

I decided to look once more through every inch of the crawl space, their customary home. There, in the shadows,  was a tall box filled with clothes hangers, but, I found when I tried to move it, suspiciously heavy too. I decided to dig to the bottom and voila! Cords, wires, bulbs upon bulbs! The lost was found!

This month I’m having a sale on my novel. Check out the December Sale page. It would be a pleasure to put a copy of Destiny’s Hands (a signed copy if you like) in your hands, or the hands of someone you love this Christmas!

Happy December!!

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