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Yesterday I had a medical procedure which needed an intravenous line to insert contrast dye. My experience at the medical centre was unusually drawn-out as apparently I have what they call “rolly veins” (which have the good sense to slip away from needles). The workers were wonderful, though. And in the hour it took to… Continue reading Technician

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More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)

More than mulch or top-dressing An experience just lived not considered, pondered, mulled over, reflected on, studied, and weighed is like giving food a detour past digestion. Even worm’s automatic reflexes produce the stuff of enrichment— castings that make fruitful. So may the ingestion, digestion and assimilation of our days and moments grow our souls… Continue reading More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)