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Vena Cava

Through Poetry Friday friend Ruth, I discovered the writings of Jan Richardson and her Women’s Christmas Retreat booklets. Last year I downloaded the one for 2015 (Illuminating the Threshold) and worked my way through part of it using its questions as writing prompts. She ended the third chapter “The Cave of the Heart” with these… Continue reading Vena Cava

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Dunsmuir Garden

Dunsmuir Garden Hollyhocks, apples, lavender, lettuce, Swiss chard love close company. Friendships grow across the fence-- thriving in community. © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************ I haven't had a garden of pretties and edibles for some years now. We're not allowed to grow food plants in the garden beds of our townhouse.… Continue reading Dunsmuir Garden

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More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)

More than mulch or top-dressing An experience just lived not considered, pondered, mulled over, reflected on, studied, and weighed is like giving food a detour past digestion. Even worm’s automatic reflexes produce the stuff of enrichment— castings that make fruitful. So may the ingestion, digestion and assimilation of our days and moments grow our souls… Continue reading More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)