Learning through play

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I got a set of water-mixable oil paints for Christmas. I’m in the process of learning to paint with them. After my first session, I realized I really did need to purchase the painting medium (to thin paint when it was too thick—water works but it makes the… Continue reading Learning through play

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Everyday Watercolor by Jenna Rainey (review)

What strange days we’re living in! Here on Canada’s west coast signs of spring are poking out and blooming all over. The coming of spring usually buoys my spirits immensely and this year is no different—and yet it is. For the black Covid-19 cloud looms on the horizon and we’re all living in obeisance by… Continue reading Everyday Watercolor by Jenna Rainey (review)

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Earth Day Prayer (NPM ’16-Day 23)

Earth Day Prayer O Creator of the Earth from its systems and creatures may I learn and make my own the faithfulness of the sun the inevitability of day-night rhythms the wisdom of cycles the faith of a seed the determination of a shoot the generosity of green the persistence of water the kindness of… Continue reading Earth Day Prayer (NPM ’16-Day 23)

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More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)

More than mulch or top-dressing An experience just lived not considered, pondered, mulled over, reflected on, studied, and weighed is like giving food a detour past digestion. Even worm’s automatic reflexes produce the stuff of enrichment— castings that make fruitful. So may the ingestion, digestion and assimilation of our days and moments grow our souls… Continue reading More than mulch or top-dressing (NPM ’16-DAY 5)