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Body weather

Body Weather Plugged-up nose predicts a cold front scratchy throat a storm warning. Gusts of sneezes are soon a blizzard of blowing spray 100% possibility of precipitation. Tissues accumulate in drifts, filling trashcans calm eye of the story followed by a rough trough of sneezes and coughs. My nose is a windsock head locked in… Continue reading Body weather

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Cerebrovascular Accident

Secretive, sneaky, unexpected and silent Taking  things to which you never gave a thought things you never thought you’d lose … Reach, hug, walk read, write, talk Only blurry memories now your mute self Kept captive, confused within your betrayal of a body awaiting prognosis of the next Electrocardiogram, CT, MRI lab report, doctor, therapist… Continue reading Cerebrovascular Accident