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Heat Wave

HEAT WAVE Yesterday’s feverbroke in the eveningThis morningcool soothing airbathes face arms legsthe neighborhood refreshedas if it sleptdeep and exhaustedafter sickness But sun’s warm hand upon my backwarns temperature is risingand burning heat will soonagain blister the brown grassmake bright-eyed impatiensand roadside chicorydroop in the dazzling delirium We will lie in darkened roomssplayed under whirring… Continue reading Heat Wave

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Heat Wave

Here, on the west coast of Canada, we’re experiencing a heat wave. At 3:15 p.m. Monday (June 28) I took a photo of the thermometer in the shade at our front door. I read it at 43C which converts to 109.4F. That felt blistering hot for us! And because we don't have air conditioning everything… Continue reading Heat Wave

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Storm Chasers (NPM ’16-Day 3)

Storm Chasers The sun shone from Mother’s eyes most days until the weariness of caring for many children sowed clouds into the furrows of her forehead and impatience brought easterlies, even squalls. “Can we go? Please!” Getting an answer from Dad was like moving a ship through the doldrums. We budged him to “We’ll see”… Continue reading Storm Chasers (NPM ’16-Day 3)

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Body weather

Body Weather Plugged-up nose predicts a cold front scratchy throat a storm warning. Gusts of sneezes are soon a blizzard of blowing spray 100% possibility of precipitation. Tissues accumulate in drifts, filling trashcans calm eye of the story followed by a rough trough of sneezes and coughs. My nose is a windsock head locked in… Continue reading Body weather

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fog penetrates cold through jackets bites into boots and gloves grips bones greedy for more breathes on windows slips under doors muffles traffic’s roar with cotton batting drivers grope through the tulle maneuver cautious past blurred landscapes strain to see crimson pinpricks ahead standards looming green, yellow, red weakens under distant globe like consciousness after… Continue reading fog