#CY365 Photo-Poem Series, Form poems, Objects, Shadorma

Layered deconstruction

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends! On December 11th last year, an apartment complex that I pass on one of my walking routes burned. It wasn’t totally destroyed but has been unliveable these many months as it’s being repaired. Though it's not the most beautiful subject, there is something compelling about… Continue reading Layered deconstruction

Objects, Religious


Cup I am thinking today of a cup mug, glass, tumbler goblet, teacup, sippy cup tulip or barrel-shaped angled or rounded plastic, glass, china silver or stainless steel. I am thinking today of a cup of water, milk or juice drunk to slake thirst, add nourishment coffee or tea to add a burst of energy… Continue reading Cup

Objects, People, Personal

Monday is washday (NPM ’16-Day 12)

Monday is washday Sunday night sees piles of clothes segregated in lights and darks reds and prints, huddled together dreading the morning. Machines go through their cycles pour, churn, whirl, whir. Monday air is sweet with dryer sheets damp with clothes-horse hangouts. A half hour in front of the TV pairing, folding, and—Voila! our closets… Continue reading Monday is washday (NPM ’16-Day 12)


When life hands you a lemon

When life hands you a lemon You are not holding a mistake reject, or serene yellow egg but a blonde grenade that explodes puckering sour all through your mouth acid that pales pear, apple and peach squeeze that brings to attention potato, souvlaki, calamari. Its zesty shrapnel trademarks loaf and pie, square, drop and tart.… Continue reading When life hands you a lemon