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Project completed!

I’m excited to announce that my second novel, Under the Cloud, a continuation of the story begun in Destiny’s Hands, is now available from Amazon in paperback and ebook editions! Here's the cover (designed by Glynis and Amanda Belec of Angel Hope Publishing): And the description, from the back of the book: "Fifteen-year-old Zamri lives… Continue reading Project completed!

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Cup I am thinking today of a cup mug, glass, tumbler goblet, teacup, sippy cup tulip or barrel-shaped angled or rounded plastic, glass, china silver or stainless steel. I am thinking today of a cup of water, milk or juice drunk to slake thirst, add nourishment coffee or tea to add a burst of energy… Continue reading Cup

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A few months ago I heard Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales) tell in a video lecture how his veggie empire and the dream of his film studio becoming the Christian Disney came crashing down. He was devastated.He came through that time wiser and having learned some lessons. I took a few notes as I… Continue reading Agenda-Less



Happy Fall and welcome to September! The past few months of relative quietness here have been a period of thinking for me. I've asked myself, why do I do this--write, especially poetry? Why do I post it here? Do I want to keep doing this? This June before holidays I lived under a cloud of… Continue reading Denial

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Next Step (review)

Next Step - How to Start Living Intentionally and Discover What God Really Wants for Your Life by Timothy K. Lynn My rating: 4 of 5 stars Next Step is a guidebook/workbook designed to help people evaluate their lives and plot a course for the future. In brief chapters businessman Timothy K. Lynn leads readers… Continue reading Next Step (review)

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Reimagine Your Retirement (review)

Reimagine Your Retirement: How to Live Life to Its Fullest and Leave a Lasting Legacy by Joyce y Li My rating: 5 of 5 stars How do you view your retirement? As a time of relaxation and indulgence? As a dreaded time of uselessness and idleness? Or as an opportunity to rediscover your passions and… Continue reading Reimagine Your Retirement (review)

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20,000 Days and Counting – Robert D. Smith (review)

Around the time Robert D. Smith had lived his 20,000th day, he took two of the next 20,000 (or however many he has left) to plan how he would spend the rest of his life. In his book 20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now, he divulges what he… Continue reading 20,000 Days and Counting – Robert D. Smith (review)