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Cup I am thinking today of a cup mug, glass, tumbler goblet, teacup, sippy cup tulip or barrel-shaped angled or rounded plastic, glass, china silver or stainless steel. I am thinking today of a cup of water, milk or juice drunk to slake thirst, add nourishment coffee or tea to add a burst of energy… Continue reading Cup

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Tax Time (NPM ’16-Day 22)

Tax Time Number crunches reconciliations… what I need when I must do my taxes. Quicken holds my numbers generates report for neighbourhood accountant—tax time good friend. Boxes all filled in right? Have faith in tax person. Rebate in bank account proves we’re all done! © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) Photo: Pixabay.com

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Intent (do not spare)

do not spare - After Isaiah 54:2 rise with optimism shower with sweet-scented soap dress in fine denim eat with appetite drink from a large mug serve with a smile teach with imagination parent with compassion heal with mercy and gentle hands buy with foresight sell with honesty drive with caution sing with gusto play… Continue reading Intent (do not spare)

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Earth Song

Earth Song They call me sod loam, dirt clay, turf, dust. In cahoots with rain, rocks and roots worms and grubs perforated by ants and moles aquifers and oil veined with lead, copper, gold and hiding diamonds and coal cables, wires and pipes I hold your huts and your tents your houses and barns anchor… Continue reading Earth Song