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We need the rain! #BibleJournaling

Who would think, after the long, cold, wet winter and spring we’ve had, that our province (B.C.) would be panting for rain? Yet the hundreds of wildfires that have been burning for several weeks now have us praying for the relief of a physical downpour. Hubby and I spent last weekend at a series of… Continue reading We need the rain! #BibleJournaling

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Walking in the rain

When the glory of fall has passed, I still walk, often in the rain. I have heard about how rain affects people in different locations differently; some are downright jubilant about its coming. I wonder if living in the soggy southwest of Canada (/ northwest of the U.S.) would dampen their enthusiasm. Walking in the… Continue reading Walking in the rain

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Christmas on the West Coast

Christmas on the West Coast Twigs stunning in diamonds doors lined running pearls scribble reindeer all lit up under Christmas tree swirls. Balconies wearing ruby emerald, agate bling like necklaces, bracelets scarves, pins and a ring. Roof lines cascade ice lights twinkle bells and bright stars. Windows beam the old story. Velvet antlers deck cars.… Continue reading Christmas on the West Coast

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August prompt: rain

Here in the Lower Mainland of B.C. we haven't had a drop of rain for all of July. This is a record for the first calendar month ever without any rain recorded at the Vancouver weather station! By now lawns that aren't watered are looking brown and thirsty. Forest fires are a very real threat… Continue reading August prompt: rain